On-Site Winery


The Concept

In-store winery services are known by various names: U-Vint, U-Brew, Brew-on-Premises, Brew-on-Site.

Winecraft is a pioneer in bringing this exciting, innovative concept to the market, and we are proud to offer state-of-the-art winery services in our store. You don’t need to purchase any equipment, and there are only a few simple steps involved. Your developing wine will be carefully stored in our temperature-controlled premises.

The Process

On Day One, you will select – with our help if needed – the wine kit of your choice. When paying for your kit and the wine processing fee, you will be asked to sign a bailment contract, which for legal purposes moves ownership of the soon-to-be wine or beer from the store owner to you, and acknowledges that you are making wine for personal use only (not for resale). You will then be directed to the preparation area within the winery, and the winemaking process will commence.

Store staff will pour the liquid content of the kit into a sanitized primary pail. To ensure you are legally making the wine, you will add the yeast and stir the contents. Once the wine kit has been started it moves into the ‘in-progress’ section of the winery. Now, to wait!

When you purchase you wine kit, we will book a bottling appointment that is convenient for you approximately 4-5 weeks after starting your wine. During this time, your wine will progress through fermentation and clearing. Our staff will perform many necessary tasks which include hydrometer readings, several rackings (transfers), stabilizing, clearing and the final step of filtering the wine.

At bottling time, you may bring your own bottles to re-use, or you may purchase bottles in-store. We also offer our bottle washer/sterilizer to use at no extra cost! And the bottling station in our stores uses state of the art bottle filling and corking equipment to make your experience quick and simple.

NOTE: In-Store Wineries and the Law

There are several Provincial laws by which we must abide when operating in-store wineries. For instance, store owner or staff are not permitted to bottle wine on a customer’s behalf. Wine will be set aside until the customer can come in and bottle it personally.

Below is a summary of Provincial laws we must all abide by:

  • Winemakers must be of legal drinking age to use in-store winery services.
  • Wine sampling prior to purchase is not permitted
  • Wine sampling prior to bottling (the day of) is limited to 200ml (six ounces) per batch by the winemaker whose name appears on the contract. Winemaker’s assistants must be of legal drinking age.
  • Exchanging wines on–site with other winemakers is not permitted, unless all winemakers names are listed on the contract.

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